How to become a successful stripper

Being a striper is a well-paying job that comes with a lot of freedom and flexibility. It is the kind of work that would make you quit your job and get into it on a full-time basis and still be able to maintain your lucrative lifestyle. You have probably heard of students who strip on a part-time basis to cover their expenses. And you may probably ask, why stripping? In the stripping industry, you can make a lot of money within a short period.

So, the real question is: how do you become a stripper who makes lots of money?

Double-check your personality.

How good are you at accommodating people regardless of their color, size, ethnicity, shape, or sexual orientation? If you are not good at it, you may still work as a stripper, but your opportunities will be limited.  In this line of work, you will meet all kinds of people that will want you to dance on their lap while you are half-naked or completely nude. Keep in mind that you will be physically touched by many people. You will have to be open-minded and a bit of a charmer to be successful.

Work on your look

Let us be honest, if you looking to book a stripper today, you would want a hot and sexy one. However, being a stripper does not necessarily mean you need to have a perfect body and a handsome face. An ideal male stripper for most people would be muscular and fill their briefs nicely and sexily. A female stripper on the other hand would be lean and willing to go a little further. You do not need to change your look; you only need to work on making your body attractive and healthy. In a nutshell, make sure your body gives you the confidence to stand in front of a crowd with little or no clothing at all.

Know how to dress and undress.

If you are a stripper, look at yourself as a salesman selling a fantasy experience. If you can dress to the club’s or party’s theme, then you are halfway there. To be successful, you must develop the art of seduction when removing your clothes. You must do it in a sexy way so that your fans will tip you generously and say, “that stripper was fire, he/she deserved every cent we gave her/him”. Ultimately, they will want to book you again and even refer you to their friends.

You are a stripper and teasing customers is part of your job. Take time when removing your clothes and make the process playful and fun. Be sure to ask what pieces of clothing attract clients more if you are a first-time stripper. Make sure you wear that because it will determine if a client walks away from you or if they will tip you generously.

Evaluate your personal relationships!

As a stripper, you will be an object of desire for many people. You will receive a lot of attention and you need to understand how this will affect your personal relationships. If you are dating, will your partner be able to emotionally handle seeing other people all over you? Coffee n Cream recommends discussing this with your significant other so that they are aware of what you will be doing.  You must reassure them of your commitment to them and help them understand that everything you do as a stripper does not mean you have affections for the other party.

Remain professional!

Stripping is a job just like any other. That means you must show up on time, be friendly to your clients, maintain a good attitude, have fun, and even let your employer know if you have an emergency and will not be able to attend to your bookings.

Ultimately, your goal should be to make your audience have fun!

Pro tip: There is no shortage of opportunities or money for strippers, and you have the power to go as further as you want.

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