Coffeencream in Belfast

Being one of the most traveled destinations in Northern Ireland, Belfast is a must-visit. You will spend the day getting lost in this beautiful city thanks to entertainers from Coffeencream. Belfast’s nightlife is so vibrant, and so many choose it as the place to have stag parties, hen parties, corporate events, wedding parties, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, and so many more. For this reason, coffeencream entertainers have been in such high demand thanks to the quality services they offer. Talk to us about hiring a stripper, an escort, a drag queen, or any other entertainers and services we offer.

Why choose coffeencream?

Our approach

For us, it is not just about work. We take pride in exceeding our client’s expectations. We constantly encourage our entertainers to stop at nothing in ensuring all our clients are satisfied through quality entertainment.

Our experience

Coffeencream has dominated the entertainment industry, and no one knows the industry better than us. Who better to trust with your entertainment needs than a company that is experienced and respects you?

Our entertainers

We only recruit the most talented, professional, and friendly entertainers. And alas!! We have the sexiest and hottest entertainers in all of Belfast. Try them today!!!

What services do we offer?

Belfast Cocktail classes

Turn your stay-at-home time into a happy hour that will tingle your excitement. Drink like a true Irish with a mixology experience from the best bartenders in Belfast.  You don't even need to have any experience or basic essentials. We give you a cocktail mixologist who will bring the bar to your home, and by the time he leaves, you will be preparing cocktails like you were made to do it.

Belfast Escorts

Your escort can be a social companion; he or she can provide an erotic massage experience, a dating experience, a girlfriend experience, and so much more. If you have guests for a corporate event, they will enjoy an escort keeping them company during the business trip. We take pride in having a great diversity of escorts with diverse races, cultures, complexion, hair colors, and personalities. Check out some of our escorts and get yourself one.

ü  Live escorts

ü  Sexy gay escorts

ü  Hot bisexual escorts

ü  Juicy lesbian escorts

ü  Horny MILFS

ü  She male escorts

ü  Cheating wives

ü  White escorts

ü  Latino escorts

ü  Blonde escorts

ü  Red-head escorts

ü  Asian escorts

ü  BBW escorts

ü  Arabic escorts

ü  Tiny body escorts

ü  Party girl escorts

ü  Naughty escorts

ü  Local mummies

ü  Adventurous party escorts

ü  Naughty red-head escorts

ü  Luxury escorts

ü  Sexy Latina escorts

ü  Best tasty body Brazilian escorts

Belfast Strippers

Here is what to expect when you book a stripper from coffeencream:

Ø  Exotic lap dances

Ø  Unlimited dances

Ø  Flirting and kissing

Ø  Part games

Ø  Pumps

Ø  Oil and cream

Ø  The best party of your life

Here are some of our strippers:

ü  Female strippers

ü  male strippers

ü  Gay stripes

ü  Lesbian strippers

ü  Bisexual strippers

ü  Birthday party strippers

ü  Hen party strippers

ü  Dwarf stripers

ü  wild strippers

ü  strong male strippers

ü  busty strippers

ü  local strippers

ü  curvy strippers

ü  naughty strippers

ü  Party bus strippers.

ü  Virtual strippers

ü  roly-poly strippers

ü  hot strippers

Belfast Kissograms

Your kissogram will dress up in any character of your choosing, kiss the stag, deliver your message, entertain everyone at the party (they know so many different party games) and even take a few pictures with you.

Here are some of our kissograms;

ü  Female kissograms

ü  Male kissograms

ü  Sexy gay kissograms

ü  Hot lesbian kissograms

ü  She male kissograms

ü  Bisexual kissograms

ü  Busty kissograms

ü  Sexy kissograms

ü  Wild kissograms

ü  Naughty kissograms

ü  Surprise party bus kissograms

ü  Hot kissograms

Belfast Drag queens

A drag queen's mind is usually filled with so many crazy fun ideas for parties. With the number of years they have been working, it is impossible to notice how smart and witty their ideas are. If you want to take your party or event to the next level, you will not do wrong with a drag queen. They will entertain your guests, crack them with witty, humorous jokes and host your party for you.

What do our drag queens do?

Ø  Lip-syncing

Ø  Enticing dances

Ø  Cabaret Drag performance

Ø  Deejaying

Ø  Impersonation

Ø  Wicked sense of humor

Ø  International comedy

Ø  Outrageous makeup

Ø  Crazy fun bingo

Ø  Comedy sketches       

Ø  Mainstream comedy

Ø  Character parodies from famous TV shows

Ø  Audience banter

Ø  Slight nudity

Ø  Comedy nun

Ø  Professional dance finales

Ø  Live singing

Ø  Drag acts for musical comedy

Belfast Here are our drag queens:

? gay drag queens,

? Funny drag queens.

? Corporate party drag queens

? Wedding party drag queens

? Comedy drag queens

? Crazy drag queens

? Bold drag queens

? Experienced drag queens

? slight nude drag queens

Belfast Bunny girls

Here is what bunny girls do:

Ø  Host your party

Ø  Serve drinks

Ø  Interact with your guests

Ø  Surprise the stag

The beauty of it all is that they have a wide array of costumes to choose from.

Here are some of our bunny girls

ü  black bunny girls

ü  red-haired bunny girls

ü  Naughty bunny girls

ü  sexy bunny girls

ü  Blonde bunny girls

ü  White bunny girls

ü  Asian bunny girls

ü  Latino bunny girls

ü  Columbian bunny girls

Belfast Topless waitresses

What makes a party exciting? We can have Food, drinks, good music, games, live performances, and friendly people. Now imagine a sexy lady bringing a sexy ambiance to the party and bringing so much excitement to the party. Luckily for you, we have topless waitresses to make your guests and party go wild. Here are some of our topless waitresses;

ü  Sexy topless waitresses

? Busty topless waitresses

? Hot topless waitresses

? Popular topless waitresses

? Experienced topless waitresses

? White topless waitresses

? Blonde topless waitresses

? Fun topless waitresses

? Naughty topless waitresses

? Flirty topless waitresses

Belfast Buff butlers

With so many events and parties every weekend in Belfast, we get such a high demand for buff butlers. Our buff butlers are good at what they do based on the amount of cash tips they get. When you book a buff butler from coffeencream, make sure you snap a few photos to make your social media followers green with envy. Here are some of our buff butlers:

ü  sexy buff butlers

naughty buff butlers

Life drawing buff butlers

Nude painting buff butlers

Experienced buff butlers

Cocktail pros buff butlers

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