Male Stripping vs Female Stripping: What's the Major difference            

In today's world of hen parties, stag parties, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, divorce parties and birthday parties, strippers have become significant players. They have become the staple of every good weekend getaway. 

There are many kinds of strippers, including roly-poly strippers, virtual strippers, bachelor party strippers, and so many more, but at the end of the day, it comes down to male strippers and female stripper.

And while many people view female and male strippers to be the same and doing the same thing, they couldn't be more wrong. There is a vast difference between male stripping and female stripping beyond what we see.

Here are some of the major differences between female stripping and male stripping:

Male stripping vs female stripping

We all love watching a female stripper have her way with the pole. It is undoubtedly such a turn on that many people can't resist. For male stripper, not so much. A female stripper can thrust on a man a little and give him a private lap dances that he will really enjoy.  But male strippers, they can thrust on females but touch their bum or breasts, and you will be in for a long dreadful night.

Let’s face it, when men are either at a bachelor party or strip club, they want to check out the girl's body and see some dirty things. In fact, the dirtier, the better. But on the other hand, women are not generally enthusiastic about a male stripper grinding on them or sleazing his penis on their face. Women, when watching a male stripper, only seek to have fun and a little laughter.

Fun fact: Male stripping industry is all about entertainment, while the female stripping industry is closely related to porn.

Female strip club vs male strip clubs

You have probably wondered before how male and female strip clubs vary. It's pretty apparent that you would see some of the best torsos in a male strip club, while in a female strip club, you would see some of the best titties. But the differences go beyond that. In a female strip club, you will hear the mc announce a name and everyone will go silent and wait. However, in a male strip club, everyone goes crazy, with the girls exploding, jeering and whistling. However, in a female strip club, gents want to enjoy the show in silence while connecting with people individually.

You may also be wondering which has a better stage show! Well, male strip stages are set in a choreographed way for high energy and fun. The female strip stage, on the other hand, is primarily a floor and a pole.

male stripper revue vs female stripper revue

Generally speaking, female strippers make more than male strippers in Europe. The money strippers make on any given night is unpredictable and influenced by many factors, including weather, costume, tips and the economy.

However, the demand for female strippers is generally higher than that of male strippers, whether they are performing at strip clubs or doing strip shows in hotels or private parties. The types of shows girls put is usually X-rated, and they charge up to double what a male stripper would charge.

The X-rated nature of female stripping is what has consistently made female strippers earn more over the years. Female strippers can simply do more than what male strippers can do, mainly because women would not want to see some sort of stuff on their male stripper anyway.

male stripping industry vs female stripping industry

In the United Kingdom, the female strip club can be a perfectly fine environment, but things can quickly turn wrong. It is common to see female strippers get into drugs, crime and gambling quickly. Many also use the opportunity to move drugs to men in the party or club. However, it is rare to hear a male stripper dealing drugs let alone sell them. In fact, most male strippers have daytime jobs and are keen on keeping healthy and fit.