The truth about strippers

When asked about the allure of being a stripper, many strippers will tell you it is the money, people, and a good time. In truth, stripping is one of the best jobs if you are the right person for it. But outsiders will probably not see that because of the many misconceptions associated with the job. In this article, we will tell you some of the truth about working in the industry.

One major misconception that people have about trippers is that they thirst for the client’s approval. In all the years we have had in this industry, we can firmly state that strippers are never desperate for approval but just the money.  People who get into adult entertainment do not do it because of the scarcity of compliments but rather because of fiscal reasons.

Back in the day, I used to believe that a striper must be a good dancer with a lot of experience. In fact, many of the strippers I used to talk to would tell me that they started dancing ballet at three, then moved to jazz then hip-hop, and in simple terms, they have been dancing all their lives. But then I realized that you need to have any experience to learn how to be a stripper. You just need to have the passion to learn. In contrast to what people think, not many female strippers are good at pole dancing. But hey, it is something you can easily eat and start earning money from you are passionate about it. 

Let’s face it, even if a stripper enjoys stripping, it is not easy for them to talk about it. And people tend to believe therefore that you are doing it against your own will. Most people will ask if we are forced to it, or if our parents are aware that we are doing it. People simply have a hard time believing that as a stripper you get to enjoy what you are doing, while having fun, earning good money, and enjoying extremely flexible hours.

In truth, most people believe that when they book a stripper, then the stripper is selling their body to them.  But the stripper is only renting their time to you. At the end of the day, they will go home intact with all pieces of themselves. A stripper is like a therapist who rents their time to listen and speak. Stripers rent their time to listen and dance.

This one would probably go for female strippers where most clients believe that they have insecurity issues. But I ask, how can someone with insecurity issues have the confidence to be naked in front of people. Insecurity and confidence are incompatible.  Strippers, just like everyone else, have good days and bad days.  And bad days are never an indication of insecurity otherwise you may be surprised when you see them on their good days and wonder if they are the same person.

Now, I’m pretty sure you have thought about it. Strippers are only there for the money and as soon as they have had enough of it, or probably at the first chance they get they leave the industry. Wrong! But stripping is fun and many adult entertainers like the sense of playfulness that goes along with the teasing and sexuality. They understand that if stripping is not fun for them then they will give off a bad vibe and that won’t earn them any money.

For the right person, stripping is a great job. If you are confident and you feel good about your body, then stripping is for you. Word for advice though, don’t overwork yourself. It is easy for all the money to go into your head. Watch out and do not lose grip of reality.

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