Cocktail classes

Ever been curious about the whole craft of cocktails? Ever dreamed of being able to make your own cocktails but don’t know where to start?

 If yes, then:

It’s time to learn how to make the most famous cocktails and drink like a true European.

Coffee n Cream bartenders offer an exclusive and premier cocktail class on how to make historic and famous cocktails. You will learn the tiny tricks and fine details like perfect dilutions, proper temperatures, essential oils, and garnishes all of which will be handy in crafting a balanced cocktail. The bartenders are well experienced and will break down the art of cocktail craft into small, fun, and enjoyable moments.

The cocktail classes are ideal for all drinkers of all levels from beginner to expert and will provide you the proper skills for a home bar tendering. After this class, you will feel confident to prepare an award-winning worthy cocktail. The bartenders will bring the bar to your home and all the ingredients they will bring will be of the utmost quality. You will have a priceless experience and knowledge that you can apply for the rest of your life.

Why coffee n Cream cocktail classes?

Ø  Unique recipes

Ø  Pro max tips and tricks

Ø  Cultural exchange

What to expect

ü  Guided lesson by award-winning bartenders with excellent English.

ü  A private lesson just for you from the comfort of your home

ü  All the secrets behind a pro cocktail and detailed tricks

ü  A taste of the difference between various cocktails

ü  Learn the art of flavor balancing

ü  Deepened knowledge of European famous cocktails

ü  Confidence to make your own cocktails at home

ü  Coffee n Cream 5-star personalized care